Entourage Database Repair

Facing one or the other below mentioned issues while accessing Entourage Database

  • Entourage objects such as E-mails, notes, contacts, tasks etc are not able to open.
  • Application crashes or stops responding at startup.
  • Blank emails are in inbox without any text.
  • While operating the application it freezes and crashes.
  • Database gets inaccessible to strange messages.
  • Database Daemon shows fatal error
  • Items of entourage database are not able open or view properly.

When you across any of such issues with this application you should immediately verify the database and rebuild Database Utility tool and perform entourage repair. It becomes very annoying when crucial information that it contains undergo corruption. Before it may become crucial, repair Entourage files using Entourage Repair Tool and restore back all the data from the database.

Entourage Recovery Software

About Entourage Database

MS Entourage is email client software that supports Windows OS or PST file formats for Microsoft outlook for windows. This application helps to manage emails, contacts, notes, calendars, appointments and several things in a better way. It uses exchange Web services as a primary protocol to communicate with Exchange Server. It synchronizes notes, tasks and categories with Exchange Server. It stores the valuable data in a single database and creates a unique identity for each and every user. This identity comprises of emails, tasks, contacts and other information. It stores the identity database in Microsoft Use folder data. This database is part of Entourage information store.

Reasons behind the corruption Entourage Tool

The Entourage Database may get corrupted which results in inaccessibility of data there are many cause of this corruption. Some of the corruption issues are explained below –

  • Due to damaged identity
  • Due to missing files
  • Due to application malfunctioning
  • Through virus infection
  • Due to improper system shutdown
  • Due to database header corruption
  • Due to database structure corruption
  • By Entourage identity corruption
  • Some office application may not open or run properly even this leads to crash of Entourage database

How to repair corrupt/damaged Entourage Database -

Corrupted application is very hard to restore back. Entourage database does not have any file formats so data are stored in RGE files these files are identical copy or backup is stored in the hard drive. Backup helps to repair Entourage database in case of database corruption or by accidental file deletion. This contains all the precious emails, contacts, notes, events, attachments, project files and tasks. It easily archives the email database to backup data and transfers the Entourage account completely, but if it is unable to upgrade the backup file then the only option remains is to use a Repair Tool. This tool allows the user to retrieve the database from RGE files. It efficiently extracts almost every database objects. It uses complicates scanning algorithms to perform in-depth scan of corrupted database.

It repair and reconstructs these below mentioned Entourage database objects –

Deleted sites and sub sites
Project files
Project files
Calendar events

Features of Entourage Repair Tools

This Repair Tool enables secure vital Entourage data from any type of corruption in the database file. Below are salient features of this tool:

  • This Repair Tool is efficient to recover Entourage data from any corruption situations even from operating system failure, virus infection and even from application failure.
  • Restores all the corrupted data from the database to RGE file, which is the Entourage archive file format that import the users account easily.
  • Fast Entourage Repair- This tool scans the Database files efficiently and recovers from any type of critical corruption including application conflicts, hardware failure, bad sectors on the hard disk, hardware failures etc. This tool repair and restore the mails, address book contacts, notes, calendar and attachments.
  • Preview Features- This repair tool generates a preview of all recoverable items in the database. This functionality helps the users to choose and verify the data before storing it.
  • Easy-To-Use Interface- TThis repair tool not only performs repairing of corrupted data but also its user friendly interface helps the user to perform quick and effortless recovery task in any case of Database file corruption.
  • Saves the Recovered Entourage Data- This repair tool saves all the recorded data in the Entourage archive ('.rge') file, which can be easily imported by MS Entourage.
  • Saves Repair Log- This tool generates log reports which give the complete details of Entourage Repair process, such as total time taken to recover, destination path of the repaired file, etc. This log files can be saved to any desired destination.